Beatrice Akello Hofmann is Eyelands Book Awards 2021 winner.

Beatrice Akello Hofmann was announced a winner at the Eyelands Book Awards 2021 on December 30, 2021.

Eyelands Book Awards is an international contest from Eyelands Literary magazine and Strange Days Books Publishing. The prize gives an opportunity to a writer to win a holiday in Athens, Greece, where they talk about their work to Greek readers and meet Greek writers in a special ceremony. For those who are unpublished, there is a manuscript section where the winner wins a contract for their book to be published by Strange Days Books.  

The finalists for the awards for 2021 were announced on December 11 with the historical fiction category featuring Drudgeries for feat: Identifying and leveraging opportunities in a foreign country by Beatrice Akello Hofmann.

Beatrice Akello Hofmann is a beauty and wellness therapist, she has practiced her profession for 13 years now. She is a serial entrepreneur and business owner of Nu-life professional-wellness, a company she started in 2010, which she unfortunately closed on the March 3, 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. A move she says gave her the opportunity to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.

Born and raised in Uganda, Beatrice moved to Germany in 1999 and views German as her focal point in life. With this unique background complemented by extensive travel across the globe, she sees herself as a cosmopolitan.

The award category which was judged by Gregory Papadoyiannis was won by Beatrice Akello Hofmann.

When the award was announced Ms Hofmann said, “OMG am a prize winner in my category. Am speechless.”

Hofmann receives a unique handmade ceramic designed especially for Eyelands Book Awards and a book from Strange Days books plus Certification document.