Barbara Kimenye’s passing is just sad

Barbara Kimenye
Barbara Kimenye

I woke up this morning to the news that Barbara Kimenye the author of the the Moses Series of children’s books is dead. Very sad. There is hope for children’s literature still though.

The Guardian yesterday reported that Barbara Kimenye passed on at the age of 82. It doesn’t stated how the grand dame of children’s passed but if she had any input into her passing there were probably some naughty kids who had tried to save her from some evil kidnappers. They would have succeeded in saving her but the kidnappers who had stached her on the school farm would have left her be rained on and she got a killer disease. In spite of seeking all the help they could even from a pen pal from a far away land she would have passed on.

Since she stopped unleashing children’s books so prolifically one has to wonder where the next generation of authors for kids are. They are there. The who world decided to follow the children market when JK Rowling stumbled in this Harry Potter thing. So many international celebs have them with Madonna’s five books for children quickly coming to mind.

Its not just the international publishing market place that is flush with books for kids. Locally Phoenix Publishers is the home of so many titles that when I passed by recently I was a bit inundated with the number of titles available. There is hope. There are even several well known names in literature doing books for kids. Muthoni Likimani has a few titles as does Doreen Baingana. Even Zukiswa Wanner who has recently unveiled that new short story Behind the Shadows has a few in the pipeline.

There is still hope for children’s literature. Barbara Kimenye would be proud.

By James Murua

This blog is run by James Murua a Nairobi, Kenya based lover of books.

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