The Decolonial Passage, a new journal founded by Los Angeles, USA-based Audrey Shipp, seeks your entries.

Decolonial Passage is a new journal for writers of all backgrounds engaged in the decolonial project, regardless of the writer’s race, origin, gender, or geographical location. It centres African, African-American, and Black Diaspora writing from the African continent, the Americas, Europe, and beyond.

Decolonial Passage presents each distinct piece of writing as a passage worthy of readers’ attention in which writers create texts to articulate a variety of themata affecting the human condition including, but not limited to authenticity, liberty, alienation, dignity, community, and boundless love.  Decolonial Passage publishes writing from emerging and established writers who use language and form in innovative ways.

Audrey Shipp
Audrey Shipp

The new space has been founded by Audrey Shipp who published bilingual poems as a young adult and then spent some decades teaching in the Los Angeles public school system.  Her early poems have been published in The Americas Review (Arte-Publico Press).  Her recent nonfiction has been published in A Gathering Together, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, and Litro-NY.

The new offering in the African and Black literary space encourages emerging and established writers to submit to the magazine.  They accept writing from writers of all backgrounds engaged in the decolonial project regardless of race, origin, gender, or geographical location.  They are accepting poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and more.

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