The guests to feature at the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival in Kaduna, Nigeria from October 21-23, 2021 are now known.

In August, a new festival called the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival was introduced to the public. The new initiative, curated by Sada Malumfashi, aimed to showcase the best of contemporary African literature, poetry, music, art, film, and theatre in Hausa to a target audience of thousands of youths across West Africa.

With “Spaces” as its theme, it is set to run in Kaduna, Nigeria in October. Here is more information about the theme as share in their initial communication;

This edition will explore the spaces in between; spaces of origin of people and language; spaces of being and   becoming; spaces of our stories; the multiplicity of spaces of our humanity; how we embrace the layers of spaces within our identities in literature and creativity. In the spaces of HIBAF, we will explore the origins of Hausa literary spaces; converse and discuss notions of gender, identity, culture, and politics. Spaces are governed by cultural stereotypes, conventions, customs, clothing, and literature. The aim of HIBAF is to associate the fictional space with the practical space using language as a code to model space, define it and arrange it, to create safe spaces that allow for creative risk, a space for the delivery, performance and reawakening of identity.

The festival organisers have over the last few days been revealing those who will be appearing on their stages over the four-day run of the festival. These come at all levels from those who are starting out, the professional working writers, up to the legends in the writing business. They include Rahma Sherif Abdul Majid, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Richard Ali, Hadiza Isma El-Rufai, BN Dzukogi, Halima Aliyu, Salim Yunusa, Prof Ibrahim Malumfashi, Aliyah Adamu, Halima Ahmad, Halima Ahmad Matazu, Fauziyyaa Tukur, Fatima Hussaini El-Ladan, Maryam Sokoto, Dr. Hamza Ibrahim Baba, and many more. Please click here to see all the guests who will star at this new festival.

The Hausa creative writing workshops will be facilitated by Rahma Sherif Abdul Majid and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim.

For information on ticketing for the festival, please click here.