Anthologies Galore: Kut, Sarabi, Ankara

Oduor Jagero
Oduor Jagero knows people

An anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler. Lets talk anthologies today; the ones that are newly out and the ones you are a writer can contribute your writing two.

Top on the list of the ones you really want to read is Kut compiled by Kenya writer Oduor Jagero and contributed to by some of his friends. Oduor Jagero claim to fame literature wise is his book True Citizen.
Kut is a Luo word that is associated with upheavals, chaos, aggression, and collision of forces that border on spiritual power play. His anthology Kut is not the surface of the choppy waters, but something under; powerful short stories and poetry written by men and women sold to words that powerfully disrupt. You can tell I copy and pasted this from the “about section” of the Kut anthology. I apologise. Its Friday and I want to go and have a beer.

Some of us have friends that aren’t ideal for this kind of project; my phone book includes Kama the butcher (credit), Cab Mwangi, Cab Omosh, Cab Mose and other such colourful characters. While these are folks who are vital for living in a fast moving city they might not be the go to guys where the whole anthology submission thing might come in handy. Jagero has had the following pals of his contribute: Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, Sahro Ahmed Koshin, Tolu Popoola, Harriet Anena, Kevin Orato, Jackee Batanda, Juliane Okot Bitek, Kyanisimire Oroni, Nansubuga Makumbi, Noo Saro-Wiwa, Ogero Oscar, Richard Oduor Oduku and many more. So I suggest that you check out this new anthology. With friends like these Jagero makes me want to have him on my speed dial.

Update: The site has since gone down.


For those who might want to be featured as anthology contributors fear not, there are two that you can participate in. Saraba Magazine is looking for contributors on its newest publication which is themed on crime. Seeing as we all live on the continent, I’ll go on a stereotyping limb and say that we all know or have something to say about crime. Check out more information here.

Ankara Press
Ankara Press

For those who might not something to say about crime, liar!, then there is next years edition of Ankara Press who are looking for strong, original voices to write romance novels for the African and Diaspora market. Men are asked to come to the table and write some mushy romance type stories; more romance and less English Premier League and WWE obsessing eh? The deadline for that bit of work is August 20 and you can get more information here.

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