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Angela Makholwa third book Black Widow Society out

Black Widow SocietyI have read only one of South African writer Angela Makholwa‘s books; The 30th Candle which is the second of the lot. The book was trauma inducing as it led to me missing a large chunk of the Seychelles Carnival. It was that good.

The latest book from the author has been in the market for the last few days. It is called Black Widow Society and talks about a secret organisation aimed at liberating women trapped in emotionally and physically abusive relationships by assisting in ‘eliminating’ their errant husbands. If you have followed the link above you can tell that the book was published by Pen Macmillan SA.

I look forward to reading the book very soon. No, I shall not have any important life activity scheduled in case the book messes it up with my distraction as I rush through the book.


By James Murua

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