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Amara Nicole Okolo is Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA recipient.

Amara Nicole Okolo is a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Writing & Publishing program recipient at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in the United States.

Amara Nicole Okolo is the writer of the novel Black Sparkle Romance (2014) published by Ankara Press, an imprint of Cassava Republic, as well as the story collection Son of Man by Parresia Publishers (2016) after being announced as one of the publishers 2015 authors. References to her work have appeared on Africa in Words, Okay Africa, Chimurenga’s The Chronic, Reuters (Africa), CNN, Al Jazeera, Radio France Internationale, and The Guardian (UK).

The writer will be attending the Vermont College of Fine Art MFA program’s most distinguished merit-based scholarship, providing free tuition and housing for one student in each incoming class in the 2019-2020 year. The scholarship does not include a ticket to go to the USA which the Abuja-based writer is currently fundraising for.

Speaking about the announcement, Okolo said, “Every step of my life feels like a milestone. Even the good and the bad, the joy and sadness, the moments of peace and bouts of unbearable pain. And that is why for each successful stride, I feel not just happiness but fulfillment. I feel like through all I have experienced, one great thing has emerged to remind me that I am on a right path. Thankful to VCFA MFA in Writing for this prestigious scholarship. I am absolutely thankful to everyone who has donated to my Ticket Fund. The support has been uplifting and really made me hopeful. You all are amazing. I’m still a long way from being able to travel to Vermont this Fall. Please keep sharing. Thank you. I love you all.”

Hopefully she’ll run into the United States’ favourite democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in his hometown at one point in time.

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