The NYrobi Book Fest is a new initiative set to be hosted by the Alliance Française de Nairobi on June 25-26, 2021.

In 2019, the Alliance Française de Nairobi made an entrance into the Kenyan literary space with its “Mbogi Ya Mawriters” series which hosted writers. Mbogi is a Kiswahili word meaning railway carts adopted in Sheng to mean a crew or group of people; mawriters is many writers therefore, “Mbogi Ya Mawriters” is a crew of writers.

The new space quickly became a valuable home for the literary arts as spaces are sorely lacking in the capital city of the East African nation. Some of those in its Writers’ Guild hosted (before Corona) and John Sibi-Okumu hosted (after Corona) eras have been contributors to the Digital Bedbugs anthology, Benny Wanjohi, Jeanie Marima, Vincent De Paul, as well as Gabriel Dinda and Verah Omwocha Dinda.

The Alliance Française have today announced an extension to the Mbogi series with the NYrobi Book Fest that will run in the last weekend of June. The new literary shindig “will celebrate the culture of reading and writing, encourage the sharing of trends and ideas, connect publishers, distributors, authors, illustrators, artists, and readers.”

Participants will include the Kenya Writers Guild, Writers Space Africa, Bloggers Association of Kenya, Twaweza Communications, IFRA, Kwani?, Prestige Shop, Nuria Books Stores, Mystery Publishers, Msanii Kimani wa Wanjiru, Chief Nyamweya, Mutendei Akhaya Nabutete, Salim Busuru, Douglas Logedi, Alex Nderitu, Makena Onjerika, Jennie Marima, and others.

If you want to take part in this event, please click here to register.