The biggest literary event in Kenya will be happening this weekend as the Storymoja Hay Festival 2013 makes its way to the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi. There will be a series of events for all of you who have an interest in the written word. For those just like to party you are covered as well.

The events of this huge festival will start out with a VIP event on Thursday 19th September at the Museum dubbed Party with Stars. Its a VIP event so you will be parting with Kshs5,000 to access the event and for that you get to listen to the funky beats of June Gachui, Denise Gordon and the Different Faces Band as ‘Motown Goes to Storymoja!’. This Kshs5K also allows you to check out the one extra event.

After this VIP event you can also attend performances like Storytelling, music, Spoken Word, theatre shows (‘Vagina Monologues’ and Sitawa Namwalie’s ‘Silence is a Woman) and the Kanga Karnival spice up the global line-up (14 countries represented!) including *Teju Cole, Warsan Shire, Auma Obama , Mukesh Kapila and Peter Godwin. All this for Kshs1,500 for a season ticket and Kshs1000 for a Day ticket. The best part of it all is that half the proceeds of premium events (concerts, theatre shows) go to start a Library.

Oh. You can also buy books there….