Ali Hilal Ali’s “Meza Riwaya” out in time for Mabati Cornell Prize 2018 ceremony.

Ali Hilal Ali’s Mabati Cornell Prize 2017 award-winning novel Mmeza Fupa is now available for your reading pleasure in time for Mabati Cornell Prize 2018 ceremony.

The Mabati Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature is awarded annually to the best-unpublished manuscripts, or books in Kiswahili of fiction, poetry and memoir, and graphic novels. Winning entries in fiction are published East African Educational Publishers (EAEP) and Mkuki na Nyota Publishers. The best poetry book is also published with an English translation done by the Africa Poetry Book Fund. Previous winners of this prize are Anna Samwel Manyanza, Mohammed K. Ghassani in 2015 Idrissa Haji Abdalla and Hussein Wamaywa and Ahmed Hussein Ahmed in 2016 and Dotto Rangimotto and Ali Hilal Ali in 2017.

The winners of the prize for 2018 were announced with Zainab Alwi Baharoon and Jacob Ngumbau Julius going home with the plaudits. The winners are set to be feted today by the award team at the University of Dar es Salaam with all partners as well as fans attending.

With this happening in Dar es Salaam, it has emerged that the novel written by 2017 winner Ali Hilal Ali has already been published and is now ready for your reading pleasure. The book published by Mkuki Na Nyota follows the tribulations of the protagonist Bi. Mrisi. The book is currently retailing at Tshs18,000.