African Writers Series

Heinemann African Writers Series which features some of the continent’s most influential writers in the last fifty years in now available because of a new agreement between Digitalback Books and their publisher, Pearson.

The Heinemann African Writers Series was launched in 1962 and played a crucial role in publishing and promoting some of Africa’s most celebrated writers. The over 300 titles include works by literary legends such as Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emecheta, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Flora Nwapa, Steve Biko, Elechi Amadi and many more who have influenced subsequent writing from Africa for decades.

This golden age of writing can be accessed by everyone now as Digitalback Books announced that it has signed a digital license agreement with the African Writers Series publisher, Pearson. The agreement will allow readers from participating institutions to access and download the African Writers Series titles from the innovative Africa focused digital platform.

In a statement on the move a Digitalback Books spokesperson stated, “For years, the lack of availability of the printed books to readers and academics has been a source of frustration. In 2008, only 17% of the series was said to be available in print with second hand copies going for extortionate amounts from 3rd party sellers. Thanks to this new partnership between Digitalback Books and Pearson – who support our vision to make African’s literary heritage more widely accessible – we are able to make some of these works available to an ever wider audience.”

Digitalback Books is a virtual library platform enabling readers’ access to hundreds of deliciously diverse stories from Africa and beyond. We passionately believe in the importance of preserving Africa’s literary heritage and making it more accessible through our partnerships with publishers and institutions worldwide.

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