African Writers Conference 2019

The longlists for the African Writers Awards 2019 were announced on July 30, 2019.

The African Writers Conference is an African Writers Development Trust event that brings together writers of African descent to a common platform to sustain conversations on the advancement of the collective interests of African writers. The first edition was hosted in Abuja, Nigeria in 2018 and the second will be hosted this year in Nairobi, Kenya at the tail end of September.

One of the most anticipated activities at the conference will be the African Writers Awards to be judged by Nahida Esmail, Adah Bitiah Chembo, Kolabomi Adeko, and Sabah Carrim in the areas of children’s literature, poetry, and prose in flash fiction and short stories. The full list of those in the longlists are;

Children’s Literature – Judged by Nahida Esmail (Tanzania)

  • Albinism Is Not A Curse by Oroni Tendera (Kenya)
  • Okapi Rock Ii by Allen Jo (Kenya)
  • Kumba Wants to Skip Class by Spencer Okoroafor (Nigeria)
  • The Lazy Vulture by Elaoje Sophie Oto (Nigeria)
  • The Zappinator by Eme Ogbu (Nigeria)
  • Cultural Stereotypes by Kui Gitonga (Kenya)
  • Christmas in the Village by Kelvin J. Shachile (Kenya)
  • The Birth of Nuru – The African Barbie by Nimo Kuria (Kenya)
  • Pauline in a New School by Mwita Grace (Kenya)
  • My Friend, Tom by Ajiambo Immaculate (Kenya)

Flash Fiction – Judged by Adah Bitiah Chembo (Zambia)

  • Isoken By Praise Osawaru (Nigeria)
  • Breaking the Norm; Ungrateful Girl by Temani Nkalolang (Botswana)
  • The Pharmacist Writes by Oluwagbenga Ayomide Ruth (Nigeria)
  • 21st Century Crossing by Mabaso Nokubonga (South Africa)
  • Osu By Bliss Boma (Nigeria).
  • Rewriting the Old Cultures by Kodeck Bildad (Kenya)
  • Cultural Stereotypes in African Literature by Ojeamiren Aimalohi (Nigeria)
  • Magcaba Sinenhlanhla MlilowokuNqoba (South Africa)
  • The Child Strangler by Efe-Khaese Desmond (Nigeria)
  • H Bambi by Nkateko Priscilla Masinga (South Africa)

Poetry – Judged by Kolabomi Adeko (Nigeria)

  • Ode to The African Woman by Abba Kalgo (Nigeria)
  • Young Alone by Njoka Dickson (Kenya)
  • Pongwe’s Life by Andrea B Matambo (Zambia)
  • Nigerian Stereo-Errortic-Tionary by Babalola Joseph Olamide (Nigeria)
  • Deepression by Wangari Lucy (Kenya)
  • Our Lives in Short by Ezeh Michael (Nigeria)
  • “Mysterious 54 Children” by Kiekomo Divine (Cameroon)
  • Joy Street by May Livere (Kenya)
  • Where Do You Come From by Karimot Odebode (Nigeria)
  • ‘Cold Sun’ by Ashioya Edward (Kenya)

Short Stories – Judged by Sabah Carrim (Mauritius)

  • Please, Please by Benson TJ (Nigeria)
  • A Lesson in Diffraction by Justin Clement (Nigeria)
  • Wild Things by Mazpa Ejikem (Nigeria)
  • Habyarimana is Dead by Philip Arko Ewusi (Ghana)
  • Good Bad People by Erick Livumbazi Ngoda (Kenya)
  • Girls From Home by Ekemini Pius (Nigeria)
  • Talking Skulls by Emily Khalayi Wekulo (Kenya)
  • Hiding by Priscillar Matara (Botswana)
  • A Tale of a New Dawn by Fwangkes Kenret (Nigeria)
  • The Knowing by Rudo Mutangadura (Zimbabwe)

The shortlist will be announced on Monday, August 26, 2019, while the winner will be revealed at the African Writers Conference in Nairobi, Kenya in September.