Adeeko Ibukun wins the Babishai Niwe Poetry Award 2015

Adeeko Ibukun
Adeeko Ibukun

The Babishai Niwe Poetry Award for 2015 where an African poet goes home with $1000 went to Adeeko Ibukun for his poem “A Room With A Drowning Book.”

The poetry award which was the highlight of the Babishai Poetry Festival was handed out by the President of Association of Nigerian Authors Prof Remi Raji in Kampala, Uganda on Friday 28th August.

Nigerian Ibukun becomes the second male winner of the award after Kenyan Tom Jalio who won it last year. Before this, the award was aimed at promoting women’s poetry and only the Ugandan ladies could enter.

The first runner up was Kenyan Sheila Nyanduaki Okongo for The Ghost of Jevanjee while second runner up was Ugandan Nick Makoha for his poem LHR and Death-fall.



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