Acan Innocent Immaculate Kampala launch

Acan Innocent Immaculate’s children’s book The Pearl Trotters in Black, Yellow, Red launched in Mbarara and Kampala, Uganda on April 13 and 19, 2019.

Acan Innocent Immaculate first came to the attention of those following the African literary scene when she won the Writivism Short Story Prize in 2016. Since then she has been published by among others the Omenana Magazine, AFREADA Magazine, and In Selves: An Afro anthology of Creative Nonfiction.

In Acan Innocent Immaculate’s new book for children The Pearl Trotters in Black, Yellow, Red three friends on a colourful journey all over Uganda as they look for three ingredients to help them create something of national importance. The new book published by Sooo Many Stories had its first audience when it launched at the Janet and Keith Library in Mbarara. The launch had over 30 excited children show up to hear Uganda’s newest minted children’s author read from her book.

The book would also be launched at Aristoc, Garden City, Kampala on April 19.

Here are images from the launches courtesy of the book publishers.

Congratulations on your launch Acan.

Mbarara launch

Kampala launch