Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s new short story collection Dreams and Assorted Nightmares published by Masobe Books was unveiled on March 3, 2020.

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is well known in African literary circles for the short story collection The Whispering Trees (2012) and his debut novel Season of Crimson Blossoms (2015). The Nigerian who has multiple global fellowships, awards, and prizes under his belt is a multiple shortlistee for awards like the Nigerian Prize for Literature in 2016.

It has been revealed today that the Abuja-based writer’s newest book, a short story collection titled Dreams and Assorted Nightmares, shall be making an appearance this year. The book goes with the following blurb;

Zango is a surreal town where men, some with erect manhoods, die when leaves fall from a life tree.

Zango is both setting and spectre for ‘Dreams and Assorted Nightmares’, a collection of interconnecting short stories which explore the spaces between life and death and beyond.

There’s a poignant story of a special needs boy with prescience; another about the family of a philandering artist trying to pick up the pieces after his violent death; one of a teen forced to make a heart-breaking choice after her mother disappears; and another about a woman who reveals a terrible secret to her childhood friend who is in a coma. The characters come richly-layered and memorable — like Naznine who had but slowly lost the most perfect smile in the world; new bride, Nana Aisha, left alone to face armed marauders who invade her home; and brigands, Audu Kore and Maimuna Dajjaj, who share a pure and precious love.

The stories mostly feel mystical and dark, but the palpable compassion with which they are written give them warmth and light. Like rivulets, the stories easily flow into each other, aided by Ibrahim’s signature hypnotic writing and majestic prose. This is a collection to savour especially for its many enigmas — the silent poetry and tragedies of everyday life, the darkness and tenderness of the human mind, and the crossroads between dreams and the supernatural.

Ibrahim expressed excitement at the new publication stating on Social Media, “pleased to announce that I’ve signed a book deal with @masobebooks for my collection of short stories, Dreams and Assorted Nightmares, out in the next few months. Excited to share these stories with you and invite you into this strange, weird, beautiful Zango.”

The release dates for the new book have not been revealed but we shall be sharing as and when the information is available.  You can read the title story here.