The Abantu Book Festival is set to be hosted in Soweto, South Africa from 6-10 December 2016. The festival theme is “Imagining Ourselves into Being.”

The Abantu Book Festival was founded as a healing project for black readers, writers, performers, scholars, publishers, booksellers, and abantu interested in literature, following the painful experience of existing in a colonial literary system.

You heard that right ladies and gentlemen, those who disengaged themselves from what they colonial literary system are on a roll. After the Kulture Book Fair that happened in Cape Town, they will be converging on Soweto on what will hopefully be a first-rate literary festival. The hope is that eventually from those roots in Soweto they will start reaching out into the continent. If other folks on the continent are anything like us here at, Abantu Book Festival will be happily welcomed into our home towns.

So if you aren’t too busy, get your visa and head down to Soweto in December for what promises to be a really cool festival. We here at shall be keeping you abreast of the festival details.