We look at apps that will simplify the working life of many writers working today.

The sophisticated and powerful devices of today can perform a wide variety of functionalities which is why us needy humans have become so reliant on them. People use smartphone devices to access literary live streams and get lost down YouTube wormholes using a tablet. The options are certainly comprehensive.

For writers, the options are also there. Some apps help with crafting an email, while others might enable a writer to publish a full novel or a truly memorable blog post. The fact these types of tools can be housed on the same smartphone devices or tablets we use to send emails, play the Starburst slot game, and update our social media profiles is even more impressive. It’s worth noting that writing apps don’t work for everyone, and certain apps are most definitely better than others, but on the whole, the offering in this space is worth exploring. The apps take seconds to download, too.

With writers turning to a selection of writing apps at the moment, here is a look at some of the most popular products around the world right now. Some apps work on mobile, while others are only available using a tablet or a computer.

1) iA Writer

If you’re a writer who prefers simplicity over style, then iA Writer might be the tool for you. Currently available on Mac, iOS, and Windows, the app is a great place to produce your work using what is a simple and easy to grasp interface. You can easily format your work, access features like dark mode, make use of its helpful syntax tool, which highlights different parts of speech, and sample a range of other features in the upper-hand toolbar.

2) Reedsy Book Editor

If you’re keen to add a professional look to your body of work, then the Reedsy Book Editor is a fantastic option. The site boasts a sleek interface that possesses a range of beneficial editing and formatting tools. A popular choice with authors, the platform allows you to drag and drop chapters, add a variety of images, change fonts, and add an all-around professional feel to your writing using an extensive selection of tools. Once you’ve completed your book’s design, you can even have it instantly uploaded to any ebook retailer or print-on-demand supplier too.

3) Grammarly

An extremely popular grammar and spelling checker, Grammarly will help you edit your work to make sure it’s free of any errors or weak phrases. With a detailed explanation accompanying each error, you’ll soon stop making the same mistakes again. For short-form copywriting, you’ll struggle to find a better product.

4) Plottr

Only available on PC and Mac, Plottr helps writers outline books in a smart and succinct manner. The app boasts clever software which allows writers to outline and plan a story with ease. You can easily build scenes, plots, arcs, and a whole lot more using what is a well-designed product. You can also colour-coordinate, rearrange, organise, and filter your plot until it begins to flow well and read better. Plottr also comes with a range of useful plotting templates which can inspire a writer and enable them to unlock further creativity.

5) Ulysses

Ulysses only works on Mac and iOS devices, but in terms of being a formatting tool, it is one of the best of its type around. Offering tutorials alongside each feature, you’ll quickly get to grips with Ulysses and its helpful formatting options. If you’re familiar with Markdown, then you’ll find Ulysses even more helpful, also. The app boasts a range of excellent editing and formatting tools to help you produce the best work possible.