We look at some of the awards won by writers of African descent from the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Booker Prize, the Camões Award to the Prix Goncourt in 2021.

What a year 2021 was for writers of African descent as they scooped many of the most prestigious awards in English, French, and Portuguese as well as winning their own local awards.

This post is a recap of all the award winners for 2021. The list is based on location with awards in each of the different regions starting with Africa and the Middle East which is divided into continental and national. Continental prizes are those which writers of more than one African nationality are eligible for while national are those only one nation can enter. This is followed by all the awards from The Americas, Europe, and the one solitary entry from Australia. Please note that those with links lead to our coverage of the award while those without are those we missed. Let us begin.

Africa and the Middle East



The Americas