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Morland Writing Scholarship Awards 2015 winners announced

The Miles Morland Foundation has just announced the winners of Morland Writing Scholarships for 2015. The winners each receive a grant of ₤18,000 to allow them to take a year to write a book. This year for the first time there are two non-fiction awards of £27,000 to be paid over a year and a […]

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Tanzania’s Abdulrazak Gurnah joins Man Booker 2016 judging panel

Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah will be joining the judging panel of the 2016 Man Booker Prize jury that was announced yesterday. Born in Zanzibar, Gurnah’s novel, Paradise was shortlisted for The Booker Prize in 1994 while By the Sea was longlisted in 2001 so he will probably have a clue as to this whole Booker […]

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Etisalat Prize for Literature 2015 Shortlist announced

Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Penny Busetto and Rehana Rossouw are the three shortlisted authors for the Etisalat Prize for Literature 2015. The shortlisted writers will be rewarded with a sponsored multi-city book tour and will also have 1,000 copies of their books purchased by Etisalat for distribution to schools, libraries and book clubs across the Continent. […]

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Omenana seeks your contributions

Omenana, a tri-monthly speculative fiction e-magazine, is open to submissions from writers from Africa and the African Diaspora. Stories and art must be speculative fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror or Magical Realism) and must involve characters, settings or themes directly related to the African continent. Stories and art should challenge normative ideas about gender, sexuality, ethnicity […]


Babishai Niwe to celebrate Song of [email protected]

Song of Lawino is an epic poem written by Ugandan poet Okot p’Bitek published in 1966 in Luo and translated into many other languages, including English. In the poem Lawino’s husband, Ocol, the son of the tribal leader of their Acoli tribe, has taken another wife, Clementine, who is educated and acts European. Although Ocol’s […]

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Happiness is a Four Letter Word novel for film debut

Happiness is a Four Letter Word is the debut novel of South African novelist Cynthia Jele. The book came out in 2010 and won a raft of awards in South Africa and abroad. One of the awards the book won was the MNET literary award in 2011 which meant that the book would be commissioned […]

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Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye takes a final bow

Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye was born in Southampton, England and moved to Kenya in 1954 to run the CMS bookshop at Church House in Nairobi. Since landing on these shores the Brit integrated into Kenyan life marrying D.G.W. Macgoye, a medical doctor in 1960. Whilst doing her job at the CMS bookshop she organised readings which […]

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Artists In Residency 2015 finalists announced!

The Artists In Residency (AIR) programme has provided artists across discipline (visual arts; literary arts; performing arts; music & film) with the opportunity to participate in residency programmes throughout the world. This year AIR received a record 423 complete applications across genres from 40 countries across the continent. After a rigorous selection process that invited […]