Short Story Day Africa wants your support

So the other day I told you about the Short Story Day Africa anthology dubbed Water. The team behind the initiative have been doing their best to give you some of the best writing with a very very low income. If you imagine that this are the people who have published two Caine Prize nominees […]

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Ngugi Wa Thiong’o lectures at the Kenyatta University

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o gave a lecture at the Kenyatta University last Wednesday afternoon to a very large audience of students, faculty and groupies. As you can imagine, this blogger falls squarely in the “groupies” category. It was an inspired lecture. Friendly warning: unlike previous blogs this one is a bit lengthy. The lecture was done […]

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Images from the Storymoja Careerpedia 2015

As earlier mentioned there was a huge festival in Nakuru which happened last weekend that involved writers and other artists called Storymoja Careerpedia. Here are some of the images from this festival courtesy of our friends from Storymoja.  

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A snapshot of the Storymoja Careerpedia 2015

When the people at Storymoja Publishing started their first festival in 2008 they were trying something new. They wanted to do a festival for book lovers but they didn’t believe that enough of us would leave our local bars to go somewhere to talk about books. The organisation opted to have the “Nyama Choma Festival” […]

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The Writivism Short Story Prize Shortlist 2015 out

The short list for the Writivism Short Story Competition 2015 has been announced by Chika Unigwe the chair of the judging panel. She was helped in her task by Mukoma wa Ngugi, Tendai Huchu, Rachel Zadok and Ainehi Edoro. The stories were read blind, as in they didn’t know who there were reading, and those […]