Festivals Somaliland

Sights from the Hargeysa International Book Fair 2014

My first experience of Hargeysa was in Nadifa Mohamed’s The Orchid of Lost Souls about three women and the way that they cope as their city falls apart. It was set in the late 1980s as Somalia fell apart. The Hargeysa of today is different in ways that one cannot imagine if you are obsessed […]

Festivals South Africa

Niq Mhlongo lives it up at Edinburgh Literary Fest 2014

Niq Mhlongo was one of the battalion of South African writers who invaded Scotland for one of the biggest literature festivals on the planet: The Edinburgh International Book Festival. The writer is well known for his books Dog Eat Dog, After Tears and his latest Way Back Home which is as good a book as […]

Fiction Launches Zimbabwe

Caine Prize’s Gonjon Pin and other stories launches in Harare

Gojon Pin and others stories is the latest anthology from our friends at the Caine Prize. The book contains stories from several writers the most “high profile” being the winner of the 2014 prize, Kenya’s Okwiri Oduor as well as the other four shortlisted ladies and gents. The others are the twelve writers from across […]