Ayany Primary students

147,496 children in 836 schools across 40 counties participated, backed by 2,337 Reading Ambassadors took part in the Storymoja Read Aloud initiative on June 16, 2022.

In 2013, the Storymoja Read Aloud campaign was started to get kids from as many schools around Kenya as possible to read from the same text at the same time. The selected text Attack of the Shidas by Muthoni Muchemi was read on June 16, the International Day of the African child. Since then, the annual activity has brought together kids from all over Kenya to read aloud to break a world record. It has been an inspired way to get them enthusiastic about reading. By 2021, the number of readers after a Covid-19-inspired hiatus was 73,481.

For 2022, children across the country dusted off the designated text Shambulizi la Akina Shida which is the Kiswahili translation of the Muthoni Muchemi written Attack of the Shidas. Leading to June, there were events like virtual panels and in-person events that drummed up enthusiasm. During that period, 2337 reading ambassadors signed up to support kids in the reading exercise. All this activity is now run by the Start A Library Trust.

Storymoja Read Aloud 22

The results tabulated by the Reading Aloud team are now out. 147,496 children in 836 schools across 40 counties participated, backed by 2,337 Reading Ambassadors took part. This is just over double those who took part in the previous year. Congratulations to all who took part and hopefully we shall see even higher numbers.

Here are some sights and sounds from the day;

Here are the partners who signed up;

1. Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage

2. Department of Library Services

3. Kenya National Library Services

4. Kenya Revenue Authority

5. All for Books

6. Kenya Society for the Blind

7. Christian Blind Mission

8. Elimu Fanaka

9. Edu Tab Africa

10. The Writers Pen

11. Kenya Connect

12. Goethe Institute

13.  Lulu FM

14. Rift Valley Readers Association (RVRA)

15. Legal Sister

16. Kesho Kenya

17. JF Omange Community Center

18. Manene Radio

19. Re- Imagining New Communities

20. Maono Africa

21. Rainbow Room Foundation

22. Sauti Kuu Foundation

23. Afribuk

24. IVTG (Inua Village to Global Foundation)

25. University of Nairobi Students Association

26. Crowe

27. Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust

28. Radio Nam Lolwe

29. Storymakers Society

30. Radio Nam Lolwe

31. Sol Kids

32. Worldreader EA

33. Storymakers Society

34. Africa’s Talking

35. Ituĩka

36. Smiles of Hope Kenya

37. Maramoja Transport

38. Ramco Printing

39. Modern Lithographic Kenya Limited

40. Samba Sports Youth Agenda

41. Camara Education Kenya

42. Sun Books

43. Moving the goalposts

44. Jubilee Insurance

45. Kiwimbi Kenya Library

46. Bridge International

47. Aga Khan Foundation