Chela hangs out with Auma Obama
Chela hangs out with Auma Obama

So what were you doing when you were ten years old? On my part, I was trying to figure out how the hell to navigate class four and its joys. These included running around the schoolyard, borrowing Anderson’s bike for a ride and enjoying that one shilling piece of maize with chilli at the bus stop after school. Such innocent times those.

Chela, on the other hand, is a different type of ten year old. The young lass is spearheading a unique campaign to ensure that every school has a library and that every child has a book. With only 2% of Kenya schools with a library, she has her work cut out for her. Lucky for her she has the good folks at Storymoja backing her in her campaign. And Auma Obama.

So how does the campaign work? Well, the campaign is about writing the country’s first collectively written book; that I suppose will put paid to Dr Joyce Nyairo and her claims that Kenyan fiction done died. You say we don’t write daktari? Here is a book that was written by a whole flipping nation heh.

You start by choosing a book from several you can co-author with writers like Mkamzee Mwatela, Waiganjo Ndirangu, Miriam Jerotich, Pauline Kea, Dr Hamusi Babusa, Muthoni Wa Gichuru, and Muthoni Muchemi. You write a certain number of words, your choice of course, then you send in Kshs10 per word. So if you write Kshs10,000 words you contribute Kshs10,000. If this whole writing thing is not for you you just contribute without doing it. Sound cool? Good.

So far there have been some monies raised for this project, Kshs 2.98 million with 116 backers already. It’s a start. The target is Kshs27 million with just under a month left.

So lads and lasses lets have at this project. We owe it to Chela. And the other Kenyan kids in need.